Day 3

Oh I forgot this one – it will amuse some of you (You know who you are!) the very first advert I saw at the airport in disembarkation was…… ad for SAP HANA! Didn’t take a picture of it though – I know some countries are twitchy about photos in airports!

I think the smog is better today – I can almost see the sky!

Sian’s Chinese family are very kind. Their driver is taking us to the Great Wall later in the week and to see old Beijing tonight. I am on my way to the Forbidden City via Pacific Coffe and Wangfujing. It really is quite mild today compared to how it has been. Maybe in a touristy area I won’t be the only white kid on the block and I won’t stand out so much?

I changed hotel rooms this morning because I didn’t sleep last night due to the unbearable heat! If I was hot, imagine how ‘normal’ folk would have found it – you know how I feel the cold! Reception said that the municipal heating was on and they couldn’t co troll it, but the new room seems to have some kind of A/C as it is a lot better.

I have really noticed how noisy the shops are. Many of them seem to have n assistant with a microphone yelling into it to tout their wares presumably? 

I have left my feed off this morning due to my Forbifdden City destination. It is such a hassle trying to explain to security guards / Police etc, why I don’t want to take my bag off to put it through their metal detector!

Sat in my coffee house in the centre of town, it doesn’t feel like. Sunday; it seems like another day to be honest. I do hope Sisn and P are performing to standard t their speaking competition. Poor Asian was up in arms last night after the whole family invaded her room to try and get some more practice in! It clearly means a lot to them, but I think Sian struggles with the extreme pushiness!

There are times in one’s life when being tube fed is a good thing. One example is when some vile medicine such as Movicol is being administered. Another time was lunchtime today at Wangfujing.

I took a stroll there and had a wonder through the street food lane. Eugh! Fried creature central! Locusts, scorpions, starfish and even seahorses! Really!!?? The next t yet cooked scorpions were on skewers but still wriggling and people were walking along eat something with tentacles on skewers and some of the tentacles were still wriggling!

Aren’t seahorses protected? And surely there must be some kind of law against still wriggling kebabs?

Quite touristy here with lots of poor souls dressed up!

Still I fit right in here. Maybe I should have been born Chinese; no one bats an eyelid at the odd chunder in the gutter. Well. I am a lot more discrete than the noisy spitters! 

Lily packed us off to Nanluoguxiang this evening; an old Beijing street again with lots of stalls but not all foodie ones this time and not a fried insect in sight! The sculptured candyfloss was quite impressive looking! They also seemed a bit taken with Christmas here!



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