Day 4 – Monday

6am and a sleepless night. Shouldn’t have had that Costa! Damn you for staying open until 10pm!

Interestingly the festive drink drinks in both Costa and Starbucks are pretty similar to home,  (although not sure if I have seen a panettone latte at home or not) but I did notice the ‘English fish and chips panini’ in Costa; presumably served hot if you wish! It was almost tempting to order one just to see how it came out but I’m not fond of soggy lukewarm chips at the best of times, and it wouldn’t stay down, so a total waste!

The 60 hour non stop shopping mall opening is over today; I’m not quite sure how one city can have so many malls within such a small area!

I am pleased to report that I’ve not yet witnessed anyone defecating in the street, although I have seen some possible evidence. I will however give people the benefit of the doubt and attribute that to dogs – not that I’ve seen many dogs, and definitely no stray ones – strange that!

Donkey meat is apparently popular here and Sian has confessed that she has eaten it once without realising – her friends only translated for her half way through the meal! Presumably this means there are donkey farms somewhere? She assures me that it doesn’t taste like chicken😃

Some time later……….

I have been out all day. Couldn’t sleep last night but then ended up sleeping between 7 and 10 and getting up late. Oops!

A visit to show Sian the butcher kitten and puppy shop, followed by Morning coffee at the bear place and then a taxi to meet Sian’s au pair friends to go to KTV. 


Its amazing how very few people speak any English at all, even taxi drivers and policemen – really public facing people. The blank look I got yesterday when asking a policeman for directions to the nearest tube station was unbelievable! I suppose I am just too used to Europe!

KTV is a kind of private karaoke roomaffair. Quite good fun but every time I started to try and sing I got scathing ‘stop being embarrassing ‘ looks! We had some odd sweet tea to drink but it reeked and I could only manage it if I held my nose!

After KTV Sian had to get to work for 4 and the tube was right by the Galaxy Soho mall so I decided to try and find the cat cafe:

But of course it was the wrong Soho mall! How many Soho Malls can one city have? The lack of signs (any signs, not just useful ones) is really doing my head in! I am going to give Sian’s Chinese class tomorrow a miss and try again.

I spoke too soon earlier! On the way home I saw a man holding a child’s arse to the bin on the subway platform! Think I’ve seen it all now – in fact I’ve seen more than I wanted to! Needless to say, I didn’t take a picture for you all!

Spent a while wandering around the supermarket on the way home. I spent too long in there because I was following the exit signs on the floor, but I think they were actually pointing me towards the emergency exit!

Took some fish pictures. I found it quite astonishing – and cruel? that the crabs seemed to be security tagged! All very fresh though.,


Oh and I saw this shop today – it made me think of Andy and Alejandro!



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