Day 6 – Wednesday

Up early this morning because Lily has arranged for a driver to take us to the Great Wall. Hope it’s not too cold, although it has felt milder over the last few days, only getting colder towards the end of the afternoon. I hope S is not too grumpy this morning at having got up too early!

Back now……

Well the wall was cold at first but we soon warmed up as we walked. We went to the nearest part of the wall to Beijing. We had been headed further afield but apparently there was snow on the ground further north, so we erred on the side of caution. It was still overcast and drizzly, which affected the views. I’m not sure how often the views are that great – one of Sian’s friends was saying that he can’t remember he last time he saw stars! I think we kind of take blue sky for granted at home!


So steep! But I behaved consciously and I resisted. the temptation to sprint up!


We were ok – no thunder
We had our photos taken again on the wall; one old couple and then a party of three twenty someings who all wanted a turn at having their picture taken with us! I felt like offerring an autograph too😃

 I can’t imagine having photos of me with random strangers in my collection! Thank goodness I no longer have a tube up my nose – now that would have been too good a photo opportunity to miss!

We had quite a hike along our section of the wall – for about 2 hours in total. They really do Not do health and safety in China and Sian and I were finding some of the I incredibly steep steps a bit deep for our little legs!

Beijing is absolutely huge and we had been in the car for about an hour and we were still on one of the Beijing ring Roads!

After the wall the driver brought us back to Chongwenmen, where ‘we’ met Lily for a noodle lunch. I tried a tiny spoonful and they are still coming back up now, at 9.38pm!

Post noodles Sian needed a nap 😃 so I headed off to Qianmen. It’s a really nice shopping area with a good mix of new and old hutong type affairs. Lots of really interesting things for sale and people to see!

Duck heads and necks?

Sugar creations


Surely more than a little inappropriate outside the duck restaurant?

Maccie D. hotdog burger?
This made me chuckle to myself
Wonder if i could park this in the bike park at work?

On my way back I popped into a local salon and had a really nice pedicure; it involved a little bit of reflexology, which felt really good, so I might try and have a proper reflexology session tomorrow.


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