Day 9 – Saturday

Well it turns out Lily had arranged for a driver to take us shopping and I was under instruction to buy S a new coat! I had already offered! The trouble is, women are tiny here; the largest size in New Look for example is a 10!

I bought myself a North Face jacket this morning, but ended up getting an XXXL! They sure know how to make someone feel good about themselves!

Needless to say the coat search for Sian proved fruitless. I must admit that some of the styles that seem to be in fashion here are quite distinctive😃 and I appreciate that S is not a ‘Pom Pom dangling all around the bottom of your coat’ kinda gal😝


fairly moderate fashion for BJ
We stocked up on other stuff and got Sian’s phone mended; a pretty uneventful day to be honest. Not even many pictures!

I had survived 9 days without too many mishaps, which is amazing when crossing the road here is a real lottery with traffic and silent electric bikes coming from all directions when you try and cross the road on a green man! The streets are also full of trip hazards. I finally got my comeuppance this evening though while being led through a dark back alley from a shopping centre and I didn’t realise there was a step! I was stopped from falling  by the people behind, but did kind of jar my back and neck😁

Tonight we are going to the Irish bar to watch at least the first half of the Swansea Bournemouth match. We’ll have to get a cab back as it doesn’t start until 11pm, but the taxis here are very cheap; 13 yen (around £1.30) seems to take you an awfully long way!

On my penultimate day I have taken it upon myself to read the hotel lift rules. I’m not sure That I’ve been adhering to not maintaining good mannerisms at ALL times whilst in the lift. Oops!


I’m really short of pictures today, so how about my funky fruit ice cube drink


The other funky thing from today is Sian’s bling screen cover which she is very pleased with!

Tomorrow is my last day so I am planning to go to the Temple of Heaven first thing (I have been meaning to go for ages as it it within walking distance of the hotel) followed by the Summer Palace in the afternoon. I’ll then pop over to Sian’s to say goodbye and to thank the family for their hospitality. My flight is at 12 10 on Monday and I get to Heathrow around 15.30, which feels a bit mad!


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