Tales From My New Hotel

Well I have been in my new ‘hotel’ for three days now and I promised Di I would resurrect my blog.

I started off in A & E; it makes me laugh because they try and encourage people to fill in ‘Friends & Family’ surveys. Would you recommend this hospital to your nearest and dearest? Well, strangely I would go to the nearest hospital with A & E facilities to be honest!

A & E was very smelly – someone clearly had a problem and there were lots of people going in and out of the side room that the nasty niff was emanating from, wearing gloves and masks. I could have done with a mask myself!

I was moved to AMU, a kind of holding ward and then up to E7,where I spent 2 weeks last year at 3am. Really!!!!

I am in the same bay as the last 2 times but someone else has my bed 😩

I saw the consultant yesterday and he said to rest my bowel for 24 hours – nil by mouth / tube. The trouble is that they seem to have forgotten to tell the ward staff, so every time they came around with drinks or wanting food orders, they would try and persuade me to have something! I refused, saying I was nil by mouth, but they would just reply that I wasn’t! When the consultant said this morning that I was going to rest the dear (bowel) for another 24 hours, I asked him to make sure he told the staff!! I now have a big sign on the end of my bed!

The lady next to me was visited by her Husband who had brought her her favourite egg and salad cream sandwiches from home. She told him off, telling him that she couldn’t possibly eat them in our bay as it would stink it out! The next moment the family of one of the ladies opposite arrived with KFC for her!!! That really did stink the bay out!

The other lady opposite me, who it turns out is practically my next door neighbour, had a visit from her Daughter. They were discussing Christmas day. The Daughter opined that since there were only 5 of them for dinner, she wouldn’t go mad – she would provide the turkey and the other 4 could all bring their own joint of meat. She then added that she didn’t think she would do mashed potato this year! It made me feel quite stingy with my Christmas dinners!

Apparently I have become a difficult person to cannulate – I’m not sure when! Yesterday 3 different people had 4 goes between them, and they finally got a line in. Sod’s law it stopped working today so I had 2 more people come, who had 4 goes between them, including one in my left foot! Luckily the 3rd person hit the jackpot with her first try so I can have fluids back up! I didn’t really fancy trying to walk too far with a needle in my foot!

My fiend Di came and saw me this afternoon which was really nice of her; it was really nice to see her and hear all the outside news. Just a word of warning to you all though – don’t let any of her family near you with a Stanley Knife😈

I am waiting for a tubeagram and a liver scan and I just been told that I am having my video fluoroscopy tomorrow  morning – I presume that is a tubeagram?

The good news is that I seem to be coming a bit more adept at falling asleep during the day and getting back to sleep after being woken up etc!

So that’s it from me today, since not a lot happens here, let alone anything interesting or funny.


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