Eatwell Asian Adventure Part 2 – Singapore and Hong Kong – The Night Before – ‘Stuff’


Well, due to populate demand (at least two people) I am resurrecting my travel blog. I have been deemed too unsafe to travel solo, so K is coming with me and China is out of bounds. It will be nice to have some company on the long flights, and wonderful to catch up with Sian, who has the whole of February off school. Disappointingly, I somehow seem to have arranged a trip to Singapore and Hong Kong at Chinese New Year, whilst managing to miss the celebrations in each country.

When I am due to fly, I invariably feel anxious about waking up in time in the morning,but since our flight is at 6.30pm, I can’t use that excuse for not sleeping! I don’t think I will be able to relax though, until I have got through security at Heathrow! Nowadays we do have to have ensure that we turn up with plenty of time to spare, in order to get through the varying security checks. I don’t mind – I’d like to think that everyone is checked, but it is surprising how the level of checking varies, depending on airport etc.

As I lay in bed in the middle of the night, writing this, we are nearly packed, but oh boy we have a lot of ‘stuff’! My PN company have sent lots of IV fluid, which is neatly packed into three large polystyrene cool boxes. I have my tubing and other medical supplies in a suitcase, I have my everyday rucksack, I have a cabin-sized case full of more ‘stuff’, a handbag with more ‘stuff’ and another full sized case with a few clothes, lots of medication and more ‘stuff’. K has yet to pack anything; I do hope he leaves room in his suitcase for the rest of my ‘stuff’.


Never has a trip involved so much ruddy paperwork! I almost have more paperwork than ‘stuff’. Having read about Brits languishing in foreign jails for carrying dubious substances, I decided to do my research, and I entered the realms of paperwork purgatory. Did you know it’s illegal to sell chewing gum in Singapore – you can face 2 years in jail! Since she is sharing a hotel room with us, Sian will be pleased to know that it is illegal to walk around your own house naked in Singapore <mental note to self, to investigate how to get in the shower in the morning!>

Anyway, I am getting sidetracked. Much of my ‘stuff’ is paperwork. I was shocked to discover that codeine is a controlled drug, and that I would need a licence to take it into the country. I dutifully filled in my application form and was rather impressed to receive my licence back some fourteen minutes after submitting the form! I have had to list the exact quantities of painkillers I will be taking into the country. It will be somewhat ironic, if my order of liquid dihydrocodeine still hasn’t turned up at the pharmacy tomorrow!

The Hong Kong Department of Health has also issued me with a drug import licence, although this one doesn’t have the exact quantities on it. Both pieces of paperwork do, however mandate me to go through the red channel at customs – something that I have never done before. I do hope that they don’t want to examine all of my ‘stuff’, and that a simple browse through my paperwork mountain will suffice!

Serenaded by stereo snoring, my alliteration knows no bounds; still not able to sleep. Lying here, pondering the morals of stopping my gently snoring pussy in the same way that I would stop the snoring man next to me. I just can’t bring myself to do it!

Instead I will just ponder my ample ‘stuff’ as I desperately try to get some sleep, so I will be raring to go in the morning, ready with another update.


‘Stuff’ is taking over my life, or my house at any rate. As I lay in bed on the night before my next Asian adventure, sandwiched between two snorers, I ponder life, the universe, snoring and ‘stuff’.

The snoring, K on one side, Willow on the other, might lull me to sleep, were I feeling that way inclined, but unfortunately my brain seems to be overflowing with ‘stuff’.  The house is full of ‘stuff’ for our travels – mainly my medical ‘stuff’ but I can’t help dwelling on it, wondering if I have the right paperwork, have I forgotten anything vital…..

The human snoring I can deal with – a gentle, well placed kick can work wonders, but  who can bring themselves to kick a gently snoring puss?

Anyway, back to my stuff. As I lay here, I cannot help but analyse it – is 70kg of ‘stuff’ too much, do I have the right paperwork, have I forgotten anything……

Some hours and a few bags later……..

Needn’t have bothered getting the licence to import didydrocodeine into Singapore – went to collect my script today, having been assured that it would be in today, only to be told that they are having manufacturing issues again; grgh! Thankfully the licence wasn’t a complete waste of time, as there are actually other things on it!

Made it through checkin with a few grumbles, and through security in record time! Must remember not to take my little scissors in my hand luggage when we leave Singapore though – the security lady here told me thay will be confiscated.

Now sitting down to a much needed coffee, before the first leg of the flight, to Zurich. Then around 90 minutes before we head on to Singapore. I am looking forward to a much needed snooze.


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