Arrival / Day 1 in Singapore

We arrived at the airport after an amazingly sleepy flight. Met our taxi driver who seemed a little aghast ant the sight of all our luggage. ‘It’s for my Wife’s medical condition’ K starts to explain; ‘where is your wife’ he asks? Oops he thought K was with his 2 daughters😳

So it’s very hot and sticky here, but we are mail the most of the air conditioned metro system.

We spent our first day in the Gardens by the Bay. Lovely gardens and great view points. Air conditioned greenhouse bubbles.

Every other corner here seems to be hosting some kind of mall – many of them offering very fancy designer shops. Today we even managed to come across a mall, home to its own canal, complete with gondolas!

S and K dines in a burger joint tonight. Astonishingly the menu proclaimed an extra charge of a dollar per glass, if you order your juice without ice! Talk about tight! It’s not as though you are going to find budget dining here, it is a pretty expensive city. K balked at paying $15 for a glass of cider!

I will add some photos when I can get them to share to my iPad!

Day 2 – Sunday

This morning found us in Little India. The parts we saw seemed more residential than anything else. We then moved on to Chinatown. I can’t help enjoying looking at all the weird and wonderful food, although I was pleased to see that it was all dead. I’m not sure I would be that keen to try the fried fish skin, or any of the pig attributes on offer – namely snouts, ears,

We were left in no doubt that it is he start of the Chinese year of the dog? They were everywhere, along with the festive lanterns, satsuma and pineapples. Lots of flowers everywhere too.

We have come back for a bit of a siesta now, before heading out tonight for one of the city’s light shows.


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