More Musings in the Mugginess

Catching up on Singapore, from my room in Hong Kong, where we seem to have been enveloped in a kind of smog for the last couple of days. We spent most of a day in Singapore at the Gardens by the Bay. It was a real lovely spot, in the middle of the city, with lots of free gardens to see and 2 big domes.

We also walked up on a kind of walkway between the light up trees. We went to the harbour in the evening to see the lights, but it didn’t seem that great so we jumped on a tube and went back to the Gardens by the Bay, where they have their own sound and light setup.

Mmm is it the year of the dog by any chance?

Singapore just struck me as a really orderly, safe place, although horrifically expensive! £10 for a couple of coffees in Starbucks! It is cheaper, now we are in Singapore!

The flight from Singapore to HK passed without incident, although it was a shame that we couldn’t check into our hotel until 3, after arriving here at about 12.30. Good job our hotel is in a shopping mall and on top of an underground station. I do think that shopping is a bit of a pastime here though, with ‘our’ mall not even making the top 15 malls on the island!

A bizarre site – a blow up butterfly farm in a Singapore mall!

HK has been very foggy for the last couple of days, which kind of detracts from the views of the skyline! It is due to rain tomorrow, so we have decided against going up in the cable car to the top of the mountains tomorrow! Disappointingly Hong Kong’s previous British heritage does show somewhat, in its lack of incorrectly translated signs, like in China, although the ‘Wanko’ ladies clothes store did amuse me (excuse the childishness)!

‘We’ ate hotpot tonight – Its S’s favourite and she was keen for us to try it. Irritatingly it was a buffet style affair, and so they insisted in charging me too. At least I did have a drink, and tried the purple sweet potato ice cream, which tasted very nice first time around!

Bored of the fog.

Not every day you spot a Buddhist monk taking a selfie😂


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