Flowers, fog and dragons and a little bad behaviour

We took another walk through the famous local flower market this morning – it is beautiful and smells divine. There seems to be an odd mixture of orchids and very British flowers like dahlias on display. I wonder if all of those orchids are imported from here?

We got back to the hotel, t be greeted by the dragon dancing. It is apparently traditional after the eighth day of new year. It was pretty athletic. There was also a table containing all kinds of meats, which were apparently being offered in some kind of ritual. All pretty amazing!

We took a funicular up to Victoria Peak today – we had to wait about two hours, but we got the fare for half price by using our Octopus cards – HK’s answer to the Oyster card. There was a great view from the top, but it was a little foggy so we didn’t bother paying the extra to go up to the viewing platform.

This is an odd place, in that people push and shove a lot in public places and on public transport, but everything is still intact thank goodness – only one tugging incident! Up at the peak I wanted to take some medication, and there was nowhere  to sit down unless you were eating or drinking, so we ended up sat on some stairs. Suddenly there was a whooping noise – a bit of an explosion apparently. I had managed to ‘get’ a small boy in the face, and also spray the rest of his family, sat some metres away. Oops!

We were going to head to the harbour for the light show tonight,  but by the time we came out of the tube, it was raining so we will defer!

We ended up in a mahoosive mall again on our way home, but if really wasn’t my thing – I don’t care if there’s no tax – I’m just not into designer brands!

Found the swishest loos in the posh mall!

I have a foot massage booked at the hotel in the morning, and we will decide what to do afterwards.





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