My Favourite Authors

So, I am racking my brains to come up a list of my favourite authors; these are the authors that make it suddenly seem like a better day, when they have a new title out; I will add to this as more favourites come to mind; here we go:

#CathyBramley  – I love her stories and the ‘cross pollination’ if that’s what you can call it, between the characters in her books.

#Heidi_Swain – Another cross pollinator that makes my life a better place.

#TaWilliams_books – another great writer of modern women’s fiction. The difference here is that the author is actually a man – I find it astonishing (sorry) that such fantastic modern, romantic books can come from the brains of a man! The author is not a cross pollinator as I see it, but there are themes that run through his books. Examples include that many of the books are set in Italy, they gave historic links and almost always feature a gorgeous black labrador as a character.

#TillyTenWriter – Tilly Tennant. Another favourite of mine, who never fails to deliver an all absorbing story.




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