The Winter Garden – Heidi Swain

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So as I write this review, I must confess that I am a huge fan of Heidi Swain’s  books. I love her stories and I especially love how people and places pop up is akin to trying on a new pair of shoes from a range with which you are very familiar; you just know that they are going to fit, they will be insanely comfortable, and that you will enjoy wearing them. I do hope that I am not disappointed!

Heidi has a gift for drawing you into her novels in a way that makes you truly care about what happens to the characters, which she seems to bring  to life.

I was not disappointed on the cross-pollination front, when in the very first chapter, the gardens in Nightingale Square were mentioned. This tie-in with Heidi Swain’s ‘Sunshine and Sweet Peas in Nightingale Square’ instantly made me feel comfortable, as though among trusted friends.

This story is self contained as a novel, but little tie-ins with previous works seem like a special treat for those who have read the author’s previous novels. Freya is a warm, thoroughly believable and likeable character and she blends in perfectly with the Nightingale Square characters. Jackson is vile, and I hope we don’t see much more of him in the book – leave me to my feel good folks!

The story does not disappoint on any front and I struggled to put the book down, when I should have been doing other things! Thanks again Heidi!


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