One Winter’s Night


Characters – Kelsey making a living, struggling to build up her fledgling photography company, in Stratford Upon Avon, whilst conducting a long distance relationship with Jonathan, a smooth, good looking American actor that she met whilst working last summer.

Mirren, a ‘reporter’ fed up with writing court reports, wanting the chance to write a feature for her newspaper. Mirren is single, and contrary to romantic novel stereotypes, it becomes apparent that her single status is due to her confessing to multiple episodes of cheating on her boyfriend.

The story starts fairly slowly and I start off struggling to feel any kind of empathy with the characters, or any kind of loyalty to this story at all. I am currently on chapter ten and I’m not really seeing what the story is, or where it is going, but for the purposes of this review, I am going to persevere.

Whilst the story was a little slow, I stuck with it and was enjoying it by the end,