The Twelve Dogs of Christmas by Lizzie Shane

Well, this book got off to a great start, on two accounts:

  1. Lickability – oops, I mean likeability of the main character, Ben. I mean, who can resist a good looking single Dad. (Maybe it should be lickability!) As such Ben just seems a lovely chap, trying to do the best by his niece, after her parents tragically died.
  2. Dogs. Who can resist a shaggy dog tale (excuse the pun) – not me that’s for sure.

Ally, the main female character seems almost too lovely – selflessly putting her life on hold to help her elderly grandparents with both their ailing dog sanctuary and their ailing selves.

In order to try and home the dogs in the sanctuary, Ben (wearing his city council hat) agrees to help create a regular weekly newsletter, each one extolling the virtues of a sanctuary resident, in order to try and rehom them before Christmas.

The first newsletter star is Partridge, the sanctuary’s longest serving resident, and the ultimate underdog; a not so pretty, drooling bulldog, who must surely pull on the toughest heartstrings!

So, two unrelated singletons, both putting their lives on hold for family reasons……and an underdog.

Thus the scene was set fairly quickly for an enjoyable read, illustrated beautifully by the fact that I’m lying in bed at 3am, reading and review writing, when I should be getting some Zs; still, I have always said that sleep is for wimps!

The big questions on my mind, are:

a) Whether or not Ben ultimately ends up with the girl, the dog or both?

b) Whether or not tongues are involved– canine or otherwise. 

I would tell you, but then who knows what I might feel compelled to do….


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