Christmas at the Little Waffle Shack

I hadn’t read the first book in the Heritage Cove series, but I was assured that this was a stand-alone novel, and this proved to be true.

One thing that this book is – ADDICTIVE – hence me finding myself still reading at 3:20am, with no clear plan to stop. Sweet comfort food, a sprinkle of Christmas and the prospect of romance; what’s not to love!

The main characters are:

Lucy, a blacksmith – I get the impression fairly early on that she has been unlucky in love; I later find out that she’s is around a year post divorce.

Daniel, a fairly grumpy but gorgeous local businessman, with family issues ( he seems to have had some kind of falling out with his Brother, Harvey); a definite dark past – (including having been a bit of a ‘wrong’un’ in his youth), about to launch the Little Waffle Shack.

Daniel initially seems to be keeping a low profile in the village; who or what does he not want to come face to face with?

Hopefully Daniel’s bad boy days are in the past, but you will have to read the book to find out!


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