The Lake House by Christie Barlow

I have read all of Christie’s books and they have unanimously enthralled me. I therefore have no hesitation in recommending this book to anyone, owing to the fact that I just know it will be a great read.

Having finished the book, I can confirm that Christie Barlow did not fail to deliver, interweaving a village and characters that we already know and love, with equally lovable new characters, and an unputdownable new story.

The main character in the book, Ella, has the most awful start in the book, when her doctor boyfriend fails to come home one night, and it turns out that he was a scammer who has both fleeced her bank account and run up a huge credit card bill in her name. 6 months later sees her going to stay with a friend in the nurturing epicentre that is the Scottish village of Heartcross, a place that will be familiar to Christie Barlow Novel aficionados.

Roman, the main male interest in the book seems to have it all – handsome, single, altogether nice, but he has secrets – a Daughter that we have hints of, but no sign of a wife or partner?

Roman and Ella end up thrown together, organising an event to revive the fortunes of the ailing Lakehouse restaurant. the night promises it all; glamour, music and sophistication abound, but what about love?

I am not going to spoil the ending, just urge you to buy the book and read it for yourself.


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