Lost in Translation

‘Is snot vegan’? One of the many questions interwoven into this story, along with wondering if Charlotte’s Husband is being faithful, and whether or not he had an ulterior motive in moving the family to Switzerland.

This story is original and it feels as though the author brings the characters to life. Importantly for me, the characters are infinitely likeable. This book offers a kaleidoscope of questions and emotions, exploring themes of family, trust and relationships. In all, a stonking good read!

Charlotte has reluctantly moved to Switzerland with her Husband Dom and two young Sons. She definitely seems unhappy with the move, but we are not sure why so first. She certainly seems unsure as to how faithful her Husband is / has been and is not happy to discover Amelie in the Swiss office.

For Dom and the boys the move seems to be an epic adventure, but Dom doesn’t seem to appreciate how hard the move is on her. Gradually Charlotte starts to settle into her new abode, with the help of her new school mum friends – and then she is introduced to the arrogant Jürgen, with whom she had a driving altercation with when she first came to Switzerland. She finds him rude and arrogant. Cue latent sexual tension? Charlotte initially seems to have perfected the art of looking uninterested in Jürgen on the exterior, whilst internally being very interested in him, verging on obsessed.

Dom. Is he a cheating Husband or merely a pretty hopeless one? That’s the million dollar question, which you will need to read the book to find out.


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