One Summer in Monte Carlo – Jennifer Bohnet

Nanette is living in the UK after a terrible car crash in .Monte Carlo, involving her and her ex boyfriend. She us helping out living as a housekeeper / nanny to her friend’s twins. Circumstances end up with her taking the twins to stay with their Father in Monaco, much to Nanette’s chagrin. She has unfinished business in Monaco; she was airlifted home from Monaco and never heard from her fiancé Zac (formula one driver) ever again. Nanette has no memory of the accident and when she meets Zac on her trip with the twins he asks her about her memory of the accident and seems pleased that she had no memory. Mm I wonder whether she really was driving, or whether Zac was trying to protect his F1 career?

Prepare to be whisked away to the glamour of Monte Carlo, interspersed with love interest and criminal goings on, all combined to make a fantastic, albeit intriguing read, not to be missed.

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