Villa of Sun and Secrets by Jennifer Bohnet

A charming, gentle story about love, life, family, secrets – things that were done for a reason many years ago and second chances. Almost a noeud de vipers. This is a thoughtful novel, that I cannot recommend enough. It has been a though provoking process at times as I remember a scandal at that time in my family that I know snippets about, with my family their scandal turned out well, and as the next generation down, I am here to tell the tale. I really love this book – the fact that the Unconventuality mirrors the stories of both my own and other family’s.

Carla’s Mother has died and her marriage to her serial adulterer Husband has broken down. She goes to France to see her estranged Aunt Josette (her Mother’s twin) and ends up moving to Antibe to live in the villa that they own.

Once living in France, Carla realises that there are clearly some hidden family secrets, although when she finds out the truth, she struggles to come to term with it at first.

Her newly divorced status, together with her newly found assertiveness see Carla refusing to give her ex. Meanwhile we are teased with the suggestion of potential romance for both Carla and Tante Josette – with l either the gardener, Joelle or her new friend Bruno in Carla’s case and with either the charismatic Gordon or Mario (her old flame) in Josette’s case.

I won’t spoil the ending for you, but assure you that this is thoroughly worth reading.


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