Summer Kisses at Mermaids Point – Sarah Bennett

A beguiling yet entrancing story about love and bringing out the best in family; about how families are meant to be – strong and always there for each other. I defy you to find a more wonderful, compelling, modern romantic novel. One chapter and the mermaids will have you in their mystic grasp and you may find yourself just a little more believing of the fantastical mermaid myths of our past, involving these mystical creatures.

Laurie lives in Mermaids Point and runs a seafront cafe. She is very close to her family, with whom she still lives. She was named after a mermaid and there are mermaid legends in her Immediate family history. One day the village is suddenly busier than usual, and it seems that there has been a sighting of a mermaid locally – a video has appeared online. The village finds itself full of mermaid hunters.

Jake is an investigative journalist who has just wrapped up on a harrowing story. He comes to Mermaids Point partially for a break and partially to see if he can get to the bottom of what is going on with the mermaid story.

Laurie and Jake meet in the cafe and there is an instant attraction between them. He seems entranced by her.They soon become a couple, but Jake is dreading telling Laurie the truth about why he is in town (she thinks he is writing a book on myths and legends), especially when it looks as though Laurie’s Brother Nick might be involved.

Will the truth come out and will their relationship survive, or will it be jinxed by the myths of mermaids past? Will Jake be guided by love or by financial gain? You will have to read for yourself to find out.


The Greek Heart – Kate Frost

A beautiful, mesmerising story about love and second families, about the fragility of life and about the fact that a Mother does not have to give birth to a child to love them as her own. What’s not to love. Please read this book and inhale the amazing descriptions of the Greek landscape and allow yourself to be transported there, if only for a brief moment.

Newly divorced, Lottie is unsure of where her life is going. Persuaded to take some time off work, she goes to Santorini in search of Artie, the little boy who was in hospital with her when she had major heart surgery as an eight year old child. She has made it her mission to find out what happened to him after his heart surgery.

Lottie’s search is a good excuse to take some of the time off, owed to her by work, but on earth she finds the family she doesn’t get the news she was hoping for. Can she find romance whilst in Greece, to help take her mind of what was not meant to be?

Regardless, she makes some great new friends, including artist Maggie, who Lottie feels as though she has known her for years. The question is though, whether anything more will come of her encounters with Artie’s brothers, Zach and Max?

Second Chances in Chianti – TA Williams

According to this book, ‘nothing was ‘nice’ or ‘good’, but had to be ‘wonderful’ or ‘fantastic’’. That’s exactly how I felt about this book; it was both wonderful and fantastic! The descriptive language was second to none and at times I almost felt transported to the Chianti countryside, with its beautiful scenery and exploding scents. A genuinely wonderful, fantastic read, not to be missed. I truly wanted the book to go on forever. For those that love the books of TA Williams, this book has it all; romance, Italian culture and countryside, beautiful love interests and above all, a beautiful, intelligent black Labrador. Thank you TA Williams for another unbeatable novel to brighten up my days!

I have to confess to a bit of fangirldom here – I have read all of TA Williams books and I have loved the all without fail. I was therefore very excited to get the chance to review this book. The question is whether or not I can give it a fair review, as I have loved all his previous book? Fear not; I am confident that I will love this book, but I will approach reading it like a new wine. I will read it slowly and savour it, and I promise to give an honest review!

Alice was an actress in a successful Hollywood sitcom, but since the end of the series she has gone back to university and reinvented herself as a doctor, specialising in Renaissance art. Out of the blue, she is asked to spend some time in Italy with her former co-stars, to discuss the making of a new series. She takes her current partner, David with her.

The trouble is that Alice isn’t sure about her relationship with David. He seems keen for her to make the new series, offering to go out to Hollywood for the duration, but is he keen on Alice or on the idea of immersing himself into the glamour of Hollywood? Alice suspects the latter.

Alice is also pondering her previous relationship with Richie, one of her former co-stars who has declared his enduring love for her. He seems to have grown up, but is there any spark left in that relationship?

The last of Alice’s triumvirate of romantic possibilities is Matt, the handsome neighbour at the villa where the former cast are staying. Alice is preoccupied with him and his ubiquitous black labrador. Could this be her perfect match, or is Alice barking up the wrong tree? Matt does unfortunately appear to be harbouring a secret. What on earth is he trying to escape from?

You will of course have to read the book for yourself to find out, which I suggest you do without delay!

And TA Williams, please hurry up with the next book!

Melting in the Middle – Andy Howden

Funny with the chance of sadness. A wonderful parody of modern corporations, tinged with the sadness of job loss and relationship breakdown, speckled with the chance of new romance and hints of the brown stuff (chocolate). I simultaneously laughed and cried whilst reading this book, and I urge you to try it for yourself, with a generous side order of British chocolate.

Steve is a divorced Marketing Director for Grimleys Sweets and life is going fairly swimmingly (the divorce aside) until Grimleys is taken over by the parody of an Organisation that ironically is the American Company Schmaltz. Schmaltz is spearheaded by the evangelical Brad Hardman.

The takeover leaves Steve in an awkward position, working under Carole (a previous dalliance with whom caused the breakdown of his marriage) and being given the role of cutting his former marketing department’s headcount in half, all for £30K pa less than he was previously earning.

Relief from the day to day challenges of work, comes in the form of the beautiful Rachel. Rachel however comes with her own challenges for Steve. She is younger than dhim, deeply religious and the Daughter of a former bishop. She does however manage her deep sense of fun, with a love of punk rock, as well as her good works and religion.

Can Steve prevent the replacement of his firm’s UK chocolate bars with the sweeter, and in his opinion, inferior American counterparts, ably assisted by his corporate ‘partner in crime’, Salvatore? Is Steve able to overcome the issues with his relationship with Rachel? You will have to read for yourself to find out!

The Dog Sitter – Zara Stoneley

The Dog Sitter: The new feel-good romantic comedy of 2021 from the bestselling author of The Wedding Date!

This book was just what I needed in these trying times – there’s nothing that will make you laugh like somebody else’s poo nightmare! A wonderful, combination of humour with a sprinkling of romance, surely guaranteed to brighten anyone’s day.

Having been ceremoniously dumped and sacked by her Ex, consummate townie, Becky agrees to a last minute house/dog sitting gig; the last thing she expected to encounter was countryside biohazard waste on her journey to the job. On arrival at the job, she is ominously warned to steer clear of her customer’s ex, the delectable Ash. She is warned that his intentions towards the dog-sittee, Bella, are entirely bad intentioned.

Becky ends up signing up for Ash’s fitness boot camp, but the question is, can she resist his flirtatious behaviour, and us it genuine, or is he angling towards trying to steel Bella? You will have to read for yourself to find out!

The Juggle – Emma Murray

Slummy Mummies unite. A book that will instantly make every Mother feel better about themselves when they realise they’re ‘not the only one’! A mesmerising tale about family, relationships and friendship and their corresponding unbreakable ties. I did not want to put this book down and felt so sad that it was over, after I foolishly stayed up all night to finish it!

Saoirse is juggling motherhood and keeping up with the ‘Organics’ (the competitive uberMums at school) with a career as a ghost writer. Her job is not easy, trying to appease her ‘Monster Child’, Anna, who seems to have her parents exactly where she wants them, whilst trying to avoid being looked down on by the ‘Organics’.

She gets approached by Sebastian, offering her an unbelievable amount of money to ghost write his book. Seeing as her Husband, David has just been made redundant, she can’t turn down the offer, however creepy Sebastian is. David is relishing his opportuntiy to have some time off work to concentrate on the things that he likes doing, leaving Saoirse with no choice financially, other than to accept the gig. He is also taking the chance to meet his birth Mother, in the hope of forging a relationship with her, without destroying the relationship with his adoptive Mother.

The old adage ‘too good to be true’ must surely rear its ugly head? Saoirse soon realises that there is really no book to write and she is left with a dilemma a little too close to home.

You will have to read for yourself to find out what happens with the ghost writing and whether Saoirse manages to keep the ‘Organics’ at bay!

An Ordinary Life – Amanda Prowse

Not an ordinary book. A simultaneously heartwarming, yet heartbreaking novel, evoking a full range of emotions, spanning both the warmth of family love to the mental despair and pain of family secrets at the other end of the spectrum. The story of a positively remarkable, extraordinary life, that I heartily recommend, just so long as you are prepared to cry real tears.

I was so invested in this novel that I stayed up all night in order to finish it.

Molly has had a stroke, in the middle of writing a letter to her Son Joe and she is distressed due to the fact that she cannot articulate her need to finish the letter and to ensure that Joe receives it.

The story looks back at Molly’s extraordinary life. She was working for the Government as an interpreter during the Second World War, when she meets her beau, Johan, the Brother of her friend Geer. A self-confessed career woman, she quickly falls in love and finds herself pregnant, only to be informed that Johan has been tragically killed.

Geer reacts badly to the news of the pregnancy, forcing Molly to come to terms with the fact that not only has she lost her lover, but she has lost her best friend too. She ultimately loses her job too, after she gives birth, alone in her bedroom.

Molly’s Sister and Brother in Law take on the Baby as a temporary measure…….yet this becomes an irreversible decision, much to Molly’s distress. Molly’s career takes a surprise turn, giving her the opportunity to go ‘above and beyond’ for her country.

Does Joe find out about his real Mother? Are Molly and Geer reunited. You will have to read to find out!

Take a Chance on Me – Beth Moran

Readers beware! Prepare to laugh and cry at a story about Sisters and Sisterhood, about love at first sight and sibling loyalty. About the joys and pain of parenthood, about the strength, yet fragility of Family bonds. What’s not to love?

Emma comes from a large Irish family and is the last of her 4 Sisters to be married or engaged, despite not being the youngest. She was cheated on by her then fiancé 8 years ago.

Bridget, Emma’s younger Sister ends up running a compatibility project to win a bet for her bumbling boss; he claims to have the secret to the perfect match. The best applicants turn out to be Emma and Bridget’s colleague Cooper; unbeknown to Bridget, Cooper has been in love with her since the day they met. What can possibly go wrong!?

I thoroughly recommend reading this book for yourself, to find out if Emma goes through with marrying Cooper, and whether or not Bridget comes to realise that her Sister’s scientific match is more in love with her, than Emma.

What Now? – Shari Low

A beautiful yet poignant story about the inexorable love between close friends and between Mother and Son and the shock of coming to terms with being newly single, in your forties, whilst trying to keep your skeletons firmly in the closet.

Carly is newly separated from her Husband and is left looking after their two teenage Sons. On Mother’s Day she learns to her consternation, that her Ex is planning on taking the two boys on a USA roadtrip for three weeks in the summer holidays.

The thing is, what is she going to do with herself while the Boys are away, in order not to look like a sad loser!

Wonderfully, Carly’s friends arrange a surprise trip to LA for them all (they do it in shifts), to see Carly’s ex (and Hollywood star) Sam. There does however appear to be more than one skeleton in Carly’s closet.

Please read if you want to see if Carly banishes her demons and if you want to see what is on the horizon for her on the romantic front.

Friends with Benefits – Lisa Swift

A sensitive, insightful story about friendship, relationships, second families and finding love for the first time. A story that I couldn’t put down, I was so desperate to get to the end, I really wouldn’t call the book hilarious at all, but it certainly was an off the scale enjoyable read.

Lexie is Step-Mother to Connor, after her erstwhile Ex, Daryl, decided to go and work in Japan for 2 years, and although young, she thrives in that role, with the help of Theo, her friend, and former business partner of her Ex. However, is there more to the relationship with Theo than friendship?

One fears that the story could end in tears, when Lexie and Theo agree on a non exclusive ‘friends with benefits’ relationship. Will they get it together for real, and if so, what kind of fuss will Lexie’s Ex cause when he finds out? All this is intermingled with the drama in Connor’s life, as he struggles to realise his sexuality.

Things do not go well when Daryl comes home, wanting to to play ‘Happy Families’ with Lexie and Connor. Will it all end in tears? You’ll have to read the book to find out.