Friends with Benefits – Lisa Swift

A sensitive, insightful story about friendship, relationships, second families and finding love for the first time. A story that I couldn’t put down, I was so desperate to get to the end, I really wouldn’t call the book hilarious at all, but it certainly was an off the scale enjoyable read.

Lexie is Step-Mother to Connor, after her erstwhile Ex, Daryl, decided to go and work in Japan for 2 years, and although young, she thrives in that role, with the help of Theo, her friend, and former business partner of her Ex. However, is there more to the relationship with Theo than friendship?

One fears that the story could end in tears, when Lexie and Theo agree on a non exclusive ‘friends with benefits’ relationship. Will they get it together for real, and if so, what kind of fuss will Lexie’s Ex cause when he finds out? All this is intermingled with the drama in Connor’s life, as he struggles to realise his sexuality.

Things do not go well when Daryl comes home, wanting to to play ‘Happy Families’ with Lexie and Connor. Will it all end in tears? You’ll have to read the book to find out.


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