What Now? – Shari Low

A beautiful yet poignant story about the inexorable love between close friends and between Mother and Son and the shock of coming to terms with being newly single, in your forties, whilst trying to keep your skeletons firmly in the closet.

Carly is newly separated from her Husband and is left looking after their two teenage Sons. On Mother’s Day she learns to her consternation, that her Ex is planning on taking the two boys on a USA roadtrip for three weeks in the summer holidays.

The thing is, what is she going to do with herself while the Boys are away, in order not to look like a sad loser!

Wonderfully, Carly’s friends arrange a surprise trip to LA for them all (they do it in shifts), to see Carly’s ex (and Hollywood star) Sam. There does however appear to be more than one skeleton in Carly’s closet.

Please read if you want to see if Carly banishes her demons and if you want to see what is on the horizon for her on the romantic front.


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