Take a Chance on Me – Beth Moran

Readers beware! Prepare to laugh and cry at a story about Sisters and Sisterhood, about love at first sight and sibling loyalty. About the joys and pain of parenthood, about the strength, yet fragility of Family bonds. What’s not to love?

Emma comes from a large Irish family and is the last of her 4 Sisters to be married or engaged, despite not being the youngest. She was cheated on by her then fiancé 8 years ago.

Bridget, Emma’s younger Sister ends up running a compatibility project to win a bet for her bumbling boss; he claims to have the secret to the perfect match. The best applicants turn out to be Emma and Bridget’s colleague Cooper; unbeknown to Bridget, Cooper has been in love with her since the day they met. What can possibly go wrong!?

I thoroughly recommend reading this book for yourself, to find out if Emma goes through with marrying Cooper, and whether or not Bridget comes to realise that her Sister’s scientific match is more in love with her, than Emma.


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