An Ordinary Life – Amanda Prowse

Not an ordinary book. A simultaneously heartwarming, yet heartbreaking novel, evoking a full range of emotions, spanning both the warmth of family love to the mental despair and pain of family secrets at the other end of the spectrum. The story of a positively remarkable, extraordinary life, that I heartily recommend, just so long as you are prepared to cry real tears.

I was so invested in this novel that I stayed up all night in order to finish it.

Molly has had a stroke, in the middle of writing a letter to her Son Joe and she is distressed due to the fact that she cannot articulate her need to finish the letter and to ensure that Joe receives it.

The story looks back at Molly’s extraordinary life. She was working for the Government as an interpreter during the Second World War, when she meets her beau, Johan, the Brother of her friend Geer. A self-confessed career woman, she quickly falls in love and finds herself pregnant, only to be informed that Johan has been tragically killed.

Geer reacts badly to the news of the pregnancy, forcing Molly to come to terms with the fact that not only has she lost her lover, but she has lost her best friend too. She ultimately loses her job too, after she gives birth, alone in her bedroom.

Molly’s Sister and Brother in Law take on the Baby as a temporary measure…….yet this becomes an irreversible decision, much to Molly’s distress. Molly’s career takes a surprise turn, giving her the opportunity to go ‘above and beyond’ for her country.

Does Joe find out about his real Mother? Are Molly and Geer reunited. You will have to read to find out!


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