The Juggle – Emma Murray

Slummy Mummies unite. A book that will instantly make every Mother feel better about themselves when they realise they’re ‘not the only one’! A mesmerising tale about family, relationships and friendship and their corresponding unbreakable ties. I did not want to put this book down and felt so sad that it was over, after I foolishly stayed up all night to finish it!

Saoirse is juggling motherhood and keeping up with the ‘Organics’ (the competitive uberMums at school) with a career as a ghost writer. Her job is not easy, trying to appease her ‘Monster Child’, Anna, who seems to have her parents exactly where she wants them, whilst trying to avoid being looked down on by the ‘Organics’.

She gets approached by Sebastian, offering her an unbelievable amount of money to ghost write his book. Seeing as her Husband, David has just been made redundant, she can’t turn down the offer, however creepy Sebastian is. David is relishing his opportuntiy to have some time off work to concentrate on the things that he likes doing, leaving Saoirse with no choice financially, other than to accept the gig. He is also taking the chance to meet his birth Mother, in the hope of forging a relationship with her, without destroying the relationship with his adoptive Mother.

The old adage ‘too good to be true’ must surely rear its ugly head? Saoirse soon realises that there is really no book to write and she is left with a dilemma a little too close to home.

You will have to read for yourself to find out what happens with the ghost writing and whether Saoirse manages to keep the ‘Organics’ at bay!


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