Summer Kisses at Mermaids Point – Sarah Bennett

A beguiling yet entrancing story about love and bringing out the best in family; about how families are meant to be – strong and always there for each other. I defy you to find a more wonderful, compelling, modern romantic novel. One chapter and the mermaids will have you in their mystic grasp and you may find yourself just a little more believing of the fantastical mermaid myths of our past, involving these mystical creatures.

Laurie lives in Mermaids Point and runs a seafront cafe. She is very close to her family, with whom she still lives. She was named after a mermaid and there are mermaid legends in her Immediate family history. One day the village is suddenly busier than usual, and it seems that there has been a sighting of a mermaid locally – a video has appeared online. The village finds itself full of mermaid hunters.

Jake is an investigative journalist who has just wrapped up on a harrowing story. He comes to Mermaids Point partially for a break and partially to see if he can get to the bottom of what is going on with the mermaid story.

Laurie and Jake meet in the cafe and there is an instant attraction between them. He seems entranced by her.They soon become a couple, but Jake is dreading telling Laurie the truth about why he is in town (she thinks he is writing a book on myths and legends), especially when it looks as though Laurie’s Brother Nick might be involved.

Will the truth come out and will their relationship survive, or will it be jinxed by the myths of mermaids past? Will Jake be guided by love or by financial gain? You will have to read for yourself to find out.


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