Love and Ohana Drama by Melissa Baldwin

A delightful story about love, encompassing family dynamics, and loyalty. The characters are described in such a way, that I almost felt as though I knew them, such was the energy I got from them and I found myself truly caring about Cora and her family.

Most of all, this a glorious story about family, and about the love and loyalty that runs through a family, however dysfunctional they might seem at times.

Cora Fletcher, the family bookworm, is the self confessed quintessential middle child in her family, but can she cope with an all expenses paid trip to Hawaii for a family reunion and steering clear of her arch enemy-in law, Bryan, who was incredibly unpleasant as a peer at school, and is now equally, if not more unpleasant as a Sister-in-law.

I’m not accusing Cora’s Mother of being interfering, but horror of horrors, she deems it appropriate to invite Cora’s Ex on the trip; it see that everyone in the family is more upset about the breakup than Cora herself. I found myself desperately wanting Cora to get together with Owen, her childhood crush, but her family really aren’t much help!

The question is, can Cora find love for herself, be it with her Ex, Jackson, or with her childhood crush, Owen. You will have to read, to find out.