Mr Right Across the Street

A romantic novel that straddles the modern, with old fashioned romance.

Mia has moved to a new area where she knows no one, after a relationship that ended badly. She starts watching the guy in the flat opposite working out, while she’s working and then discovers that he owns and works in the bar below the flats. He seems to like her and keeps sending her flirty messages via signs in his window, and she likes him – but she suspects he’s a bit of a player, so can she trust him? She doesn’t want to get into another bad relationship.

Luke starts to show Mia the sights of Manchester ‘as friends’, but it’s clear that he is in fact very taken with her. The thing is, can he manage to woo her using old fashioned romance? You will have to read to find out.


One thought on “Mr Right Across the Street

  1. Just popping over to thank you so much for reading Mr Right Across the Street and for taking part in the blog tour 😊


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