All You Need is Love – Jessica Redland

A beautiful, sensitive story about true love, family, friends and the angst associated with both the death of a love one and the coming to terms with the diagnosis of a terrible, life changing condition. Please read this book, but be prepared for an emotional journey, from beginning to end, with tears, laughter and sheer joy.

There is a definite spark between Sam and Gemma, but are either of them ready to commit to a new relationship, having been so badly affected in the past? The odds seem even longer against them, when Jemma moves back to their home town in order to help her Mum.

Dr Sam has also been unlucky in love, in that his fiancée Nikki died in his arms. Sam and Nikki come from the same home town, but had both moved to London, where they met when Jemma was trying to get a second opinion on her Mum’s diagnosis, after she became worried that she might have dementia too, after a series of incidents.

Jemma is living in London and has had an unlucky brush with love. To add to her woes, her Mum has been diagnosed with Parkinsons and she is desperate to help, although worried about how that will be received.

Will the spark of love shine through and ignite? I’m not going to spoil it; you will have to read for yourself to find out.


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