The First Man

A thought provoking story about what was in this case perceived as illicit love. Bigotry and prejudice abound in this tale, which makes for an at times difficult, uncomfortable read, but perhaps one that we should all read, if we are to understand the underlying issues involved and be aware of the kind of prejudices that sadly all too often exist in real life.

Shane Johnston of the Johnston whiskey distillery family has a problem; it doesn’t help living in a village with a population of 192 people. EVERYONE knows EVERYTHING about EVERYONE!

Shane is in a horrible mood after being stood up by a blind date the night before. He is actually secretly in love with Andy who owns the pub, but he promised Him years ago, that they would never be anything more. One evening though, whilst in the pub, Alex notices that there is some kind of spark between Andy and Shane. In fact it turns out that almost all of Shane’s family have guessed about his sexuality, but choose to ignore it. It takes a near tragedy for everything to come out into the open. Once things are in the open, will people be accepting of the relationship, or will Shane’s family and friends still be living in the Middle Ages?

Please read this book, if only it might temper your attitude,Mir faced with the same kind of issue in your life.


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