High Heels in the Highlands – Liz Hurley

A glorious romantic romp spanning London and the Scottish Highlands, not to be missed.

Clem goes up to the Scottish Highlands to take stock of the Castle her family have inherited. It is clearly rundown, but before long Clem falls in love with the place and tries to come up with a plan to make enough money to restore the place and keep it running; she has a skeleton staff of ten to pay, after all and she can’t let them down. The romantic interest comes in the form of Rory, a gorgeous local farmer, but is he still interested in his ex Janet? Clem also gradually forms a glowing relationship with Otto, the self appointed housekeeper of the castle.

Fast forward to a London Fashion Week show at the V & A museum and a potential art fraud scandal, which Otto May or may not be able to rectify. Can Clem and Rory get together, can Otto save a scandal and can Clem come up with a plan to save the castle? You will have to read for yourself to find out!


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