The Ticklemore Tattler – Liz Davies

A beautiful yet poignant tale about love and romance that is sure to leave you on the edge of your seat, wanting more; a reminder to ourselves that we shouldn’t always assume the worst of people, when we only know half a story. What better way to while away lockdown days! Make sure you add this to your ‘Must Read’ list.

Juliette is a former London journalist; she gave up her high flying career 17 years ago to come and live near her Mum and to run the local newspaper, the Ticklemore Tattler, alongside bringing up her Baby Daughter. Unfortunately the Son of the owner takes over the business and announces his intention to close the newspaper, due to it not being a money making enterprise.

Juliette brings her former colleague, Oliver into her confidence, to see if he can think of any way to improve the newspaper’s profit margin. She decides she is going to try and buy the newspaper, but is struggling to get the owner to agree a reasonable price. To both their surprise there is immediate sexual chemistry between Oliver and Juliette and they cautiously embark on a new relationship.

There is a potential problem with Oliver, due to the fact that he is currently writing the biography of Otis Coles. Otis believes he is about to become Britain’s next Prime Minister, whilst Oliver suspects that he is the Father of Juliette’s Daughter, Brooke. This would of course be a huge story for Oliver, but he is anxious not to hurt Juliette.

When Juliette discovers whom Oliver is writing about, could this mean the end of their new relationship, when she worries that Oliver is only seeing her to find out more about Otis? You will have to read for yourself to find out!


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