Finding Home – Kate Field

Finding Home: A heartwarming summer romance read!

A strong, beautiful, poignant story, with wonderful characters, set in an enviable location, that had me gripped from beginning to end, desperate for Mim and Corin, to end up together. A wonderful testament to the fact that those with money can be generous beyond words and to the fact that couples do not have to come from the same background in order to succeed. What’s not to love! I defy you not to love this book, when you read it for yourself – what better way to while away a day or too, than immersed in this book! No sooner had I finished reading, I wanted to start the book again, desperate to find some morsel that I had missed the first time around!

Please someone, assure me this is the first in a series of books!

Mim’s life changes the day she does a favour for a pair of strangers; driving them back to their stately home in Devon after their car breaks down in Lancashire. it’s no odds to Mim, who is jobless and homeless and has been living out of her car. It’s a godsend for Bea and Bill Howard, who are due to be at their Niece’s wedding in their house the following day. The good deed is of no consequence to Mim as she has nothing better to do!

Mim soon finds herself being immersed into The Howard family. She comes up with the idea of a charity to offer caravan holidays to disadvantaged people and she is really starting to feel at home. That is until her half Brother turns up and she is torn between her new life in Devon and spending more time with her new Brother.

Mim ends up going back to Lancashire, but will absence make the heart grow fonder and make her want to go back to spend more time with her ‘friend’ Corin (Bea’s Son) in Devon? You will have to read for yourself to find out.

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