Nothing Man – RJ Gould

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An hilarious book with humour abound and threads of middle aged romance running through it. A book that I thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend to all, especially as it offers a different view to the usual romantic novel and that difference is utterly refreshing throughout. Romance is most definitely not restricted to beautiful young ‘twenty-somethings’!

Neville has lost both his wife (divorce) and his job (redundancy) in fairly quick succession. Some might call that careless. He has become, quite frankly ‘a bit of an old fart’ and has rapidly aged beyond his actual years. He meets Laura when they are involved in a car accident in a supermarket car park and she seems takes him under her wing, almost as a project. She persuades him to book a holiday to Switzerland (it rains all week) and she takes him out to buy clothes for his holiday (varying degrees of success)! She opens his mind to a realm of new possibilities. She also introduces him to her Mother, Caroline. Neville likes Caroline and could see himself in a relationship with her. Things progress nicely on that front, although Caroline seems to be holding back to a certain extent, for example not wanting to spend the night in the same bed as Neville. Could it be that she is embarrassed by him?

As Neville is reinvented, the relationship develops between Him and Caroline – please read for yourself about the fun they have. But will their romantic rapport be ruined by past demons or the threat of ill health? One does hope not!


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