Half the World Away – Rebecca Banks

An enchanting romantic novel that instantly reels you in, and leaves you wanting more. The kind of story that dreams are made of. Please read for yourself and you will not be disappointed.

To the casual observer, Abbie is managing her work life and the fallout from her divorce just fine. However an incident at work, where she is threatened, and the news that her ex, who coerced her into aborting their baby, is expecting a baby with his new partner, combine to make her want to make a fresh start.

Abbie moves to Salt Lake City to start a job as a publicist with an up and coming football (soccer) team. Kittie, the CEO’s PA becomes an instant friend, helping Abbie to settle into her new city. She does however warn Abby against getting involved with Kyle, the team scout. Abbie quickly integrates herself into her new surroundings and is complemented on the amazing job she is doing for the team. She also gets involved in the local music scene, setting up a successful blog reviewing local bands. There is an instant spark between her and Kyle and this develops as the book unfolds; he proves himself to be the ultimate romantic!

Kittie learns of the romance between Abbie and Kyle, and is not impressed – and then a couple of major mishaps happen at the football club – on the surface Abbie seems culpable for both. In addition there is a misunderstanding regarding accommodation and Abbie finds herself having to search for a new place to live at the last minute.

What is Kittie up to? On the surface she seems so helpful, but what feelings is she harbouring for Kyle? Can Abbie be cleared of any wrong doing? Will she last in the USA? All questions that you will find answers for by reading the bookl


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