Summer Secrets at Streamside Cottage. Samantha Tonge

A truly amazing, multi-faceted tale, the outcome of which will leave you lost for words. A beautiful story about a hidden past; about family, love, sorrow and guilt, intertwined with the buds of a fresh start. A veritable noeud de vipères’. A book to be put at the top of not only your ‘to read’ list, but of your ‘to do’ list.

This story starts with a tragedy and a mystery. Lizzie’s estranged parents are very sadly killed in an accident. Up until their estrangement around 6 years ago, they used to share everything – or so Lizzie thought. They had however always been rather over protective of Lizzie and she had lived a rather sheltered childhood.

Upon visiting her parents solicitor, Lizzie discovers that they had bought a cottage in the countryside in a village called Leafton, around twenty years ago. They left the cottage to Lizzie’s Aunt Fiona. Lizzie cannot understand how she did not know about the cottage, and in a bid to find some answers, she rents the cottage for a month. When she arrives at Streamside Cottage and lets people know where she is staying, it is fair to say that people are behaving strangely towards her. Ben, the local postie does however seem to be going above and beyond to help Lizzie; help that she gratefully receives.

The mysteries surrounding the cottage and Lizzie’s relationship with her parents are eventually unravelled, but the revelations are beyond my wildest imagination! You simply must read the book to find out what happened in the past!


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