The Cornish Midwife – Jo Bartlett

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A captivating love story, set in a beautiful Cornish village, where the location and characters come to life to such an extent that the reader becomes truly immersed in their lives and invested in their futures. My first read by this Author, but it will definitely not be my last. Please join me in reading what may be a first for you too, but will invariably not be a last read for you.

Ella is back in her tiny home town, Port Agnes in Cornwall after a spectacular 21st century dumping in London on her wedding day. I say 21st century, due to the fact that Ella achieved notoriety for the said jilting, via various forms of social media. She moved back home with her parents, in order to hide from her notoriety to an extent. Ella has netted a 6 month temporary contract as a midwife in the local birthing centre, to give her the chance to ‘get her ducks in a row’ and decide about her future.

Unbelievably, Ella’s first community midwife appointment turns out to be with Lissy, the Sister of Ella’s first love, Dan, from back when she was 18. Dan was meant to follow Ella to university in London after a year, by which time he should have dealt with the fall out from his parents death. This never happened however and he just became increasingly distant towards her.

Ella is holding a grudge against Dan, not helped by the bad reputation he has in the village. However a combination of things start Ellie thinking that perhaps they are all wrong about him – giving a pregnant teenage girl somewhere to live, rent free, helping out his Sister, making his property renovations in keeping with the rest of the village, painting a wonderful mural in the birthing centre.

It becomes increasingly clear that Dan and Ellie still have feelings beyond ‘friends’ for each other, but how can Ellie start to trust him or indeed any other Man again, having been let down by both Dan and her former fiancé, Weller ?
Michael, a local, continues to threaten Ella and her parents regarding a business deal; can Ella get around his threats to resolve the issue of the Old Forge, before it bankrupts her parents and their friends? Will she jeopardise her future happiness with Dan, in order to resolve these problems?


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