On the Road to Love – Melissa Baldwin

A sensitive story about love and friendship and how the best friends are your oldest friends – the ones that know everything about your past – the ones that you don’t need to explain yourself to!

Stacey comes home from work one night to find that her Husband has had divorce papers drawn up and has even packed his bags. A few months on she is going out with friends for the first time – making her first foray back into her social life, since her ex’s bombshell. She feels out of sorts with her girlfriends though; excluded; as though there is something they’re not telling her. It turns out that one of her friends’ cousin is seeing her ex and, to add insult to injury, this cousin has been invited in a girls trip, whilst Stacey has been snubbed.

Fast forward a few weeks and Stacey has arranged a road trip home to see her parents in Florida and has invited 2 childhood friends to go with her (despite the two friends having fallen out, over a man). When she us back in Florida, Stacey has arranged to see Greg another childhood friend.

How will the road trip go and his will things go with Greg? You will need to read to find out.


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