Starting Out – JE Rowney

Starting Out : she thought being a student midwife was tough - now she's newly qualified
A charming book that I know I can relate to, as a woman. Regardless of your career choice, starting a new role can be a tricky time, leading to stress and a lack of confidence. One hopes that by sharing your lack of confidence, it will help others. A must read for anyone who ever worried that someone else was better than them. Just remember that we all have to start out somewhere.

Violet is a newly qualified midwife and she has just moved out of the flat she shared with her best friend Zoe and her fiancé, into her own one one bedroomed flat. Violet is full of anxiety at starting her first post qualification, but Zoe and her mentor Rebecca are on hand to lend an ear, if needed. violet is finding the transition from student to fully qualified midwife, really quite difficult.

Violet can’t help but compare herself to Beth, a new midwife on the ward. She just wishes she could be as confident as Beth; just like Beth. These feeling are exacerbated when Violet discovers that Beth is a Neely qualified midwife, just like her. His is it that she is so confident.

Buy this book and discover how the two women’s fledgling careers pan out.

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