The Single Mums’ Book Club – Victoria Cooke

in one word, this book epitomises strength. It is a story about the primal love and loyalty of a Mother for her children, and about adjusting to life as a single parent; about how a single parent has to have the strength to carry on, for the sake of her children. Can there be anything beyond being a single parent? A fantastic book that will appeal to parents and contemporary fiction fans alike. I look forward to a sequal.

Steph is newly divorced with three young children. One day she breaks down in the supermarket when she doesn’t have enough cash to buy loo roll, and is helped out by Janey, a neighbour she doesn’t know that well. They be one firm friends and end up establishing a book club, just the two of them. Two becomes three, when Steph befriends Amanda.

Steph’s ex Jeep’s pestering her to get a job – and she ends up bookkeeping for Edward at his veterinary practice.

There is an instant spark between Steph and Edward, but Steph is wary as her Son hasn’t reacted well to his Dad having a new girlfriend.

The friends end up calling their book group the Single Mums Book Club, but they are more than that; they are a concrete support network for each other.

The relationship between Steph and Edward flourishes, with a few hiccups along the way, but will either Edward‘s ‘woman’ in the village, or Steph’s children get in the way of romance? You will have to read for yourself.


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