Family Secrets at Hedgehog Hollow – Jessica Redland

PerfectIon – it’s a big word, not in actual length, but for certain in impact. It is, quite simply, how I choose to describe this book.

It was with overwhelming pleasure that I picked up the third in the Hedgehog Hollow series to read. (Mental note to self to take it more slowly next time and make it last)! Oh and what a cliffhanger at the end! Please @jessica_redland, please please please put me out of my misery by providing the next episode of HH posthaste!

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This is a sublime book, and the author makes the characters come alive to such an extent that the reader truly cares about their outcomes. This is a book about love and families, about the fact that family relationships are not always perfect and proof that those relationships can improve. Personally, I got such immense gratification from reading this book, I find it hard to quantify that pleasure. However, if you only read one series of books this year, make it the Hedgehog Hollow series. Impossibly, each book is better than the last and leaves readers like me, desperate for more. The next book in the series cannot be published fast enough for me!

Life is good in Hedgehog Hollow, with a new engagement, and with the relationships between both Josh and his Father and Beth improving at a rate of knots.

Hedgehog Hollow dosn’t know what has hit it when Chloe, Sam’s petulant, cranky, downright obnoxious cousin appears on the doorstep, having left her Husband James. Sam exists in her own attention seeking, self centred world; she is refusing to say what James has done and is predictably rude and snappy to everyone. She is also madly jealous of Sam and Beth’s blossoming relationship. When we eventually find out what the problem is, a hard hitting secret from Chloe’s past comes to light, which everyone struggles to comprehend. As a reader I cannot help but empathise with her.

On the relationship front:

  • Josh and Sam’s relationship goes from strength to strength.
  • There are signs of the start of a fledgling relationship between Sam and her Mother (I have been so very desperate for this to happen).
  • There are potential signs of life in the relationship between Sam’s parents.
  • Things don’t look good between Chloe and James.

I have however left you with ‘food for thought’ and unanswered questions; some things you will resolve upon reading the book for yourself, whilst others should be revealed in the next book🦔🦔🦔🦔🦔

  • Will Sam get closer to her Mother?
  • Why does Sam keep on having panic attacks?
  • Can Chloe ever become less self centred and behave like a normal person?
  • Why is Phoebe, the volunteer who does the centre’s accounts, so jumpy around Sam?
  • Will James and Chloe get back together?
  • Can Phoebe really have been up to no good?


2 thoughts on “Family Secrets at Hedgehog Hollow – Jessica Redland

  1. Oh wow! This gorgeous review has just brought tears to my eyes. Thank you so very much! ‘Perfection’? I have to say WOW again and put it in capitals! To have a reader care in this way is such a compliment and everything I could ever hope for. The hedgehogs will be back in January 2022. I wish I could present you with part 4 now but I’m afraid it isn’t written yet. If only I could write a book in a fortnight! Thank you again. Love it xx


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