The Borrow a Bookshop Holiday – Kiley Dunbar

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An utterly gorgeous story, based upon the most wonderful concept (borrowing a bookshop), set in the most beautiful area. Love and romance abound in this perfect read that I was devastated to finish; I wanted it to go on forever and I can’t wait to hear about the possibility of a sequel. The perfect read to make you feel as though you are on holiday even if you are in lockdown!

Jude is about to graduate and she has applied for the ‘Borrow a Bookshop Holiday’, whereby a couple live out their fantasy of running a bookshop and cafe for a couple of weeks. She has applied with her beau, Mac. The toxic Mac ends up humiliating Jude at her graduation. He is a professor and she catches him in a clinch with another student and she knows in herself that it’s not his first indiscretion. Jude learns that they have been offered a two week slot in the Cornish bookshop, but makes it clear that Mac is not welcome and she is going to go alone.

On Jude’s first evening in the bookshop, Elliott, a gorgeous vet turns up. He has been called and offered a single assignment at the bookshop, so Jude is having to share her dream with a stranger. Jude is uncertain at first but eventually mellows towards Elliot and there are definite sparks between them. It does however seem as though Elliott is hiding something.

Jude and Elliott become increasingly close, but will this be ruined by the seemingly dark secret that Elliot seems to be harbouring?

As Jude’s time at the bookshop comes to a close, will she find out Elliott’s secret and will there be a future for them as a couple?


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