Italy Ever After – Leonie Mack

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A simple but endearing story about love and romance in the sun; a second chance after a break up, set in the most idyllic location. A story that fulfils your needs for love and romance, based in the most exclusive, radiant location. What’s not to enjoy!

This story starts with Lou trying to persuade her ex, Phil, to give his permission (and to pay) for their Daughter to go to an elite three week music camp in Italy during the summer holidays. He reluctantly agrees in the end and Lou prepares to go too, as Edie’s chaperone. Lou is at first excited at the thought of going away. However, facing three weeks away from home, ostensibly by herself, in a foreign country, and having been described by her Ex Husband on more than one occasion as ‘ordinary and talentless’, reality sinks in and Lou decides to ‘try and find a talent’ while she is away! Surely this wacky decision is destined to end in tears for Lou and laughter for us, the reader?

Nick Romano, Edie’s music teacher comes onto the scene, causing immediate sexual chemistry alarms to sound in my head! Nick is gorgeous and Lou seems to concur. Can they keep their hands off each other, whilst away together for three weeks, especially seeing as this a school trip? Surely any sexual liaison between the two of them, would be deemed most inappropriate, whilst in charge of a hoard of minors! There is little doubt of one thing for certain – that Lou’s attraction towards Nick (or Nico, as he seems to be known, to his Italian family) is undoubtedly reciprocated, whether or not either of them actually realise it at first!

Lou tries various activities, in search of her elusive talent, including perfume making, and cheese making, but one can’t help but wonder whether she should be looking closer to home, to find an existing talent.

Will Lou find her happy ever after with Nick and will she discover her hidden talent? I’m not going to spoil this for you, so read for yourself to find out!


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