Life’s a Beach – Portia Macintosh

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I confess to not really knowing where to start with this book, having derived so much pleasure from reading it. A superlative read, with interesting, quirky characters; an hilarious romantic novel, full of gasping (this cannot really be happening) moments! A book packed to the beams with laughter and romance, that you are sure to enjoy. This book is full of awful coincidences – they just keep on tumbling along, one after the other! If a character has an unfortunate ex, you can almost guarantee they’ll turn up in the next chapter! Charles and Di’s ( yes, really, Charles and Di – unfortunate or what!?) wedding week is so packed full of unfortunate circumstances, their relationship is surely destined for failure?

Don’t start reading this book before you go to bed; you will invariably stay up all night, revelling in it’s humour, romance and awkward ‘oh no- surely not’ moments! Even thinking about them will give you the giggles!

Peach enjoys the finer things in life, and thanks to her job as a mystery shopper, she is able to experience these finer things, without having to think about the associated costs. That is until she unfortunately orders an exobsive bitter of wine on room service, by mistake. She is close to her family and they are used to hearing about her fictional fiancé, Matthew, who comes into play while she is producing reports on various wedding venues.

Life is also looking good for Peaches, in that her Sister, Di, has agreed to move in with her, so she will be able to afford carrying on living in her town centre apartment.

I confess to having a laugh out loud moment when, whilst waiting for her Sister’s flight, Peach meets Matt, who is just the uncanniest match for her ‘fiancé’ Matthew, even down to his occupation! A late flight due to strikes, leads to Peach inviting Matt to dinner; he drinks too much and the hotel is full, so Peach invites him to spend the night in her suite, where one thing invariably leads to another………and unfortunately to Matt having just gone, the next morning, as though nothing had happened. Peach has been ‘ghosted’. Still, Peach doesn’t have too long to dwell on her dilemma; it is surpassed by the news that not only has Di met a man, who has proposed after a week, but that the realisation that her Sister is going to be one half of a couple – ‘Charles and Di’ in 2 weeks time!

Surely, reader, things can’t get any worse for Peach? You might want to believe that, but when Peach gets to meet Charles, it transpires that he was the first person she ever slept with, as a teenager; and to add insult to injury, he clearly has no recollection of her at all, let alone having bullied her mercilessly over the incident!

Fast forward to the airport, ready to fly out to the wedding in Italy, and Peach has cocked things up by inviting Di’s ex, Alex, who broke her heart, instead of Di’s friend Lex, and she bumps into one night stand Matt who naturally, turns out to be Charles’ best man! Talk about a knot of vipers!

So many questions to be answered, so many tangles in this web of relationships! Can Peach get things together with Matt? Does she want to? Does Di really love Charles, or does she still harbour feelings for Alex?

You will find out the answers to these questions and more, when you read the book for yourself, but be prepared for laughs and ‘oh no!’ moments aplenty, along the way.


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