The Hotel at Honeymoon Station

Oh what a treat – a new Tilly Tennant book. Tilly is one of my favourite authors and so I felt so excited to read this new book. I did have to temper myself though, and make myself read it slowly, in order to savour every moment, rather than rushing through and then feeling sad because I had finished it so quickly!

To say that I loved this book from start to finish would be an understatement – although I did find Emma’s being used by Dougie a little frustrating! This is a real ‘newfound’ story – a story of newfound friendship and newfound love, all set in a beautiful Dorset village location. The descriptions of the village were such that you really felt as though you were there yourself, and the strong female lead characters were painted such that you felt as though they could be amongst your closest friends. This is a story about two women triumphing over adversity in the most spectacular way.

Emma is torn between being thrilled for her little Sister and sad at losing her to a new job for a year, studying volcanoes in Iceland. She feels as though she needs a new challenge in her life, now that her baby Sister has gone. She’s fed up with being walked all over at work and at home, by her erstwhile fiancé, Dougie.

In Emma,the author has created a very likeable, selfless character. The way that she gets something new in her life, in the form of bringing the Honeymoon Hotel back to life, is inspiring to all women. Her friendship with Tia is a bit of a tease; at first I thought Tia might have been a former school bully – but she actually comes across as an entirely genuine young woman and the way these two women share their hotel dream is delightful. Just add a bit of romance to the plot, in the form of the builder Brothers Blake and Aiden, and you have the perfect story to while away an afternoon.

Thank you for this most enjoyable book @TillyTenWriter – I can’t wait for your next book!


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