Waiting to Begin – Amanda Prowse

I have been anticipating being able to read this book, ever since I knew that I had been honoured to be able to review it for you. You could say that I have been ‘waiting to begin’ it. Such is my admiration for Amanda Prowse and her writing, that I have goosebumps all down my arms, in anticipation of starting what I know will be another fantastic first class read.

The prologue provides an ingenious step back in time and tells us about Bessie’s train journey in 1984. The language in this prologue is thick and heavy, cleverly mirroring the atmosphere in the train carriage. If I close my eyes I am instantly transported to that train carriage and I can see Philip’s adam’s apple rising.

The author does a wonderful job of portraying what it was like to be 16 years old, in 1984, with all those pending thoughts of imminent adulthood about to become a reality. The descriptions of the interior of a 1980’s house also rang very true. I think this will finally force me come to the terms with the fact that the 1980’s really were quite a long time ago, as opposed to feeling like yesterday, and things genuinely were tangibly different then! Further to my 1980’s reality check, I also liked the way the reader was able to compare being 16, to the art of being a teenager nowadays, when children seem to grow up so much more slowly. I don’t think many of today’s 16 year old alumni would either think about leaving home, or consider themselves an adult.

This book is poignant, yet funny at times, especially, in my opinion for the 80s teenager. One of the funniest moments for me was when Bessie’s dear Dad threw a glass of orange squash over her head in order to extinguish her hair fire. ‘Only in the 80s’.

It’s safe to say that I loved this book – I loved so much about it: the reason why Bess likes yellow roses, the love that Mario has for Bess, Philip’s loyalty, Bess’s relationship with her parents and her relationship with her children, the way the characters developed, the way Bess gave her relationship with Dan a second chance. MI loved the way the story switched seamlessly between the 1989s and the present day…..and more – so much more, but you will have to read the book for yourself to see what you love about it. Let Ananda Prowse into your life as one of your favourite authors too.

It’s safe to say that while I was reading this book, it felt like the only thing that mattered and whilst I wanted to know what happened in the end, I was also sad to have finished it.

In summary, I absolutely loved this superlative book and it further cemented my reasons for loving what this author produces. She somehow writes an amazing, interesting novel, every time, only for it to be surpassed by the next book.

Just use this link to buy a copy of this fabulous book for yourself: http://bit.ly/WaitingToBegin_UK


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