Vicki’s Work of Heart – Rosie Dean

This book certainly started with a bang – or at least with a sound jilting at the altar. Still, if you are going to be jilted, Vicki dealt with it in the best possible way, although I really did feel for her, especially when she spoke about the dreams and plans she had had with her fiancé.

I loved the vivid descriptions of living in France, when Vicki takes a year out there and I immediately fell in love with the gorgeous vet, Christophe. He seemed more attractive due to the air of mystery surrounding ding his personal life. Who wouldn’t like spending a year with him, even if you did have to cook for him!

The way Christopher’s family chateau and his horses were portrayed was wonderful and I just found myself wanting to be there, with him! His family, although a touch eclectic also came across as pretty amazing people, both kind and generous. Colette, Christopher’s Mother, was simply divine. Just the right mix of charming and slightly batty!

Daniel was an intriguing character, but I was pretty unsure what to make of him – whether he had Vicki’s best interests at heart, or whether he had some kind of ulterior motive? I do like the hints of mystery though, and this beguiling character certainly added to that.

I found myself warming so much to most of the characters in this book, to the extent that I desperately wanted Vicki and Christophe to get together and for her to become part of his enchanting family.

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