One Summer Sunrise – Shari Low

Today I am thrilled to be reviewing another book by one of my favourite authors – Shari Low and from what has become one of my favourite publishers @boldwoodbooks.

If you want to laugh, or if you want to cry, this book covers both eventualities, from the tragedy of Harriet’s Son, to Maisie bringing out the wrong cake. And when I say wrong, I mean a penis shaped patisserie cock up. (Please excuse the pun!) This book has it all – fun and laughter, secrets, intrigue – and all this intrigue seems to be connected in some way. In fact, it is a real testament to the author that she managed to keep track of who was who and what they were up to, in such a fantastic way, to produce this amazing, enjoyable read. The author introduces the characters to us in such a way that as a reader you really care about them and are invested in their happiness; even those characters that have done wrong, come across as likeable and you can’t help but to want the best outcome for them. In my opinion, it takes great skill, as an author, to provoke such empathy in all your characters.

If this book were a film (it would make a great film) I wouldn’t know where to look, in that there are so many related threads in this story. Kelly and Scott – I almost don’t know where to start with their relationship, such is its complexity. The pair of them certainly need to talk! I can’t even work out who I think is most at fault for the issues with their relationship. Is Scott really tired of ‘doing the right thing’? The more complicated their relationship is, the more compelling the story is for the reader. Add Scott’s best friend Carson into the mix – and you have a mess.

I found both parties likeable characters and so felt slightly sad as I couldn’t foresee how they could overcome their problems. It seemed awkward for them, when they had so much to discuss with each other, but had to attend their Daughter’s charity event and put on a united front, especially as their Daughter was leaving home to go and work in London the following day.

Maisie proves to be a fantastic friend to Sissy, standing in for her with the catering at Kelly and Scott’s Daughter’s charity event, when the venue has such bad memories for her. I was surprised when she agreed to meet her ex after the charity event, and just hoped that something good might come her way!

Harriet clearly has some kind of long lost family issue in her life; I felt sad that she clearly doesn’t feel that life is worth living after the death of her partner. The sadness seems amplified, if she really does have estranged family members living nearby. To be honest I found Harriet’s story simply heartbreaking, but I admired the way that author treated her narrative with kindness, empathy and understanding. It was touching as I couldn’t help but compare Harriet’s situation and experience of loneliness with the real-life circumstances and experiences of many older people. I loved the point in he book where Harriet had decided to not take her medication any more and to ‘let nature take its course’, only for her phone to ring; it brought tears to my eyes, when it was John, whom she had met at the charity event, asking her out for dinner. It was such a simple, but poignant moment, beautifully expressed. What happened next – utterly heartbreaking, yet beautifully written. As for the moment when the link between Maisie and Harriet’s was revealed – how it made my heart soar – what a beautiful twist in the story – it really did fill my heart with joy.

Kelly is such a likeable character and you can tell she is distraught at having inadvertently upset her Sister and Brother-In-Law although quite frankly they are the least of her problems in this story! As for Rick, Kelly’s Brother-in-law – has he genuinely had a secret love thing going on with Kelly, since their teenage years?

As for the ending of the book, I shall try not to give anything away, but will just say that it was the most wonderfully written yet unexpected ending that truly made my day, almost as if it had included members of my very own family.

To find out who ends up with who and who finds happiness at the end of the book, you will need to read it for yourself.To get hold of this stonking read, just use this link:

The Ticklemore Treasure Trove – Liz Davies

The weather is terrible outside, but I feel cozy and warm inside at the thought of reading the next instalment in the ‘Ticklemore’ series of books. Whilst each Ticklemore book is a standalone story in its own right, it does afford the reader the luxury of including some characters from the former books, so it feels like rediscovering old friends. What better way to spend my evening! Discovering that this story was about Juliette’s (of the Ticklemore Tattler) friend Nell was like rediscovering an old mutual acquaintance and I felt genuine anger at the thought of Nell’s ex husband Riley trying to swindle her out of half her business. I thoroughly enjoyed this episode from the Ticklemore stable but my enjoyment was overtaken as I got to the end and discovered that there is soon to be another book in the series. The thought of this has filled my heart with joy and anticipation at the chance to once more share in the lives of a Ticklemore folk. Heartfelt thanks to the author, Liz Davies, for making my day!

I loved the way the characters developed and the descriptive language in this book, for example describing another character’s tenacity as ‘like a meerkat digging for a scorpion’ and describing others as ‘lollylaggers’ – onomatopoeia at its best (although I did have to look up the meaning of that one – my new favourite word).

This Ticklemore is about Nell and her antique shop and about her blossoming friendship with Silas a local artist and gallery owner. Both are mourning – Silas the death of his Daughter many years ago and Nell the fact that she ever married her ex, Riley. Both are prominent in this book, which deals with emotional issues in an entirely sensitive manner.

Solicitors, devious exes and art theft abound in this fabulous story, that I defy you not to enjoy. Pick up your copy today and find out what happens to one of my favourite Ticklemore residents.

Nell’s bits were marvellous characters – I’d go as far as calling them perfect Sons and I loved the way their relationship developed as the book progressed.

Riley, Nell’s ex Husband was a despicable character of the highest degree, but despite this, his character developed in a marvellous way, leaving you as a reader speechless as to his low he would go.

I loved Silas and his blooming relationship with Nell. I adored the way that he was so kind to his ex wife and as a reader, when he mourned for his young Daughter, I found myself mourning with him. His sadness and despair seemed so well written and realistic, that I was desperate for him to get together with Nell. The romantic streak running through him was second to none and I felt myself shedding a tear at the paintings he produced of Nell and his Daughter.

I absolutely loved this return to Ticklemore and find myself waiting for the next book in the series with fond anticipation; it can’t come soon enough for me!

To try this book for yourself, follows this link:

Daisy’s Dilemma – Debbie Viggiano

Daisy is a wonderful character, unlucky in love and a tad gullible. This book soon immersed you in the trials and tribulations of her life and as a reader you find yourself desperate for her to be happy. I say that Daisy was unlucky, but I was acutely aware of the people for whom her lack of luck is a reality. I did however feel that the author treated the topics in the book with tact, humour and sensitivity. I was left in no doubt that we all need special friends we can rely on and I would be delighted to have a character like Daisy to be my friend. I struggled to put this book down, such was my enjoyment of it; in all I felt, as a reader, that I had unfinished business with Daisy and I would relish news of a sequel to this tale, if not a series of books.

As I started to read this book, I feared I smelled a rat. Daisy was, however a likeable character, so I was hoping that I was wrong about Daisy’s Fiancé Dominic.

I enjoyed the first scene setting chapters of the book, which had some amusing moments, for example the couple choosing funeral flowers in Daisy’s shop. (It doesn’t sound as though it should be funny, but trust me)! These first chapters also cement my thoughts about the author portraying Daisy as a thoroughly nice young woman. I did however feel for her, as seemed to have suffered on the romantic front.

I felt that the author fairly quickly created several storyline possibilities, leaving the reader engrossed as to where the story might lead, from Daisy reuniting with ex Husband, to romantic interludes with her new neighbour, or the increasing ‘Dirty Dominic’ vibes that I was feeling. The writing was so compelling that as a reader I found myself wanting the best possible outcome for Daisy, whilst simultaneously fearing the worst. The humour in the book was however at its very best, when Daisy met her new neighbour, Seth and gets roped into deep cleaning his house!

I felt sad for Daisy, when she reveals that Dominic hates children and doesn’t want to have them. I found this made me dislike him even more than I had before, perhaps without realising it. It made me desperate for my fears about him to be true, and for Daisy to find out, however painful it might be for Daisy. I rapidly went from having suspicions about him, to just hoping that Daisy would find out about him as soon as possible. I found myself admiring the author, for planting the seed of such an atrocious character for us, the readers, initially be suspicious of, for that seed to grow into a positive dislike, and then into a character upon whom we could wish every bad thought we have ever had about a man!

In order to find out what happens to Daisy, click go to and treat yourself to this book.