Secrets on the Italian Island T.A.Williams

I absolutely defy you to find a better way to spend an evening, than in the company of the latest book from T.A. Williams. What an utter treat.

The first page of this book had me captivated, with the description of the mineshaft that Anna, a geologist found herself in. Upon closing my eyes, I could almost imagine myself there, with her.

I initially felt sad because Anna’s work seemed to have put paid to her social life and any chance of love. I can only hope that situation will change! I loved the portrayal of Anna’s childhood neighbour, Toby and was hopeful of great things happening in this budding relationship, despite the fact that they both seemed married to their work. My romantic interest was further piqued with the arrival of Marco on the scene, in Elba. Wow, eligible young men seem a bit like buses for Anna – not a sign of one for ages and then two come along at once! My heart did sink though, upon discovering that Marco was an environmentalist – he couldn’t have been a worse match for Anna, with her career. I could just feel her disappointment.

I was thrilled at the introduction of a George, this author’s obligatory gorgeous black Labrador. This moment in this author’s books always make my heart sing, and the books just wouldn’t be the same without George or his equivalent. I look forward to meeting the black lab in each and every book. I absolutely adored the description of George taking up his position on Anna’s bed, lying on his back, with his legs in the air. I also loved the way the author described George as he ‘wagged not only his tail but his whole body’. I could just see this in my own mind – as if George was in the room with me.

Anna’s relationship with Jack was so refreshing. I loved that they had so much in common, although I felt that Jack lamenting his former mining career and travelling with work, that meant he never settled down with a significant other, was a stark reminder to Anna about the direction in which her own life was heading.

As the story evolved, so did the mystery and intrigue – how Marco had caught wind of mining prospectors in the area, what had Ruby (the boss’s Daughter, sent to work with Anna) been up to, to warrant Anna being asked to keep an eye on her, how did Marco earn his living and was he really a womaniser. This all combined with Anna being faced with two very different men, who clearly liked her. I very quickly found myself reeled in by the enigma of it all, and wondering if she could possibly have a future with either man? Myself, i could quite happily have set up home in Jack’s stable renovation; indeed the descriptive language was such that if I closed my eyes I could very easily imagine myself on Elba, with all its beautiful scenery and scents, flora and fauna. I found myself completely entranced by the secrecy of the story, the island and and it’s surroundings.

I found myself genuinely shocked and disappointed at the description of Ruby and Toby daily off out to sea together, and I had not thought of Toby as a ‘player’. Still, if the intent was to shock and surprise the reader, it was successful! At least it would hopefully help Anna make some decisions in the man department! Although fate seemed to have played a hand in that too and I felt genuine sadness as Anna said her goodbyes to Jack and George, such had my attachment to the main characters grown and such had Anna’s affection for the pair grown. I’m afraid to say that this manifested itself with real tears. I found myself desperately wanting love to blossom between Marco and Anna, but feared this would never happen after Marco discovered Anna’s occupation and the reason why she was on Elba.

The twists and turns at the end of the book had me entranced and I had not guessed any of those unpredictable twists; what an utter treat.

The beautiful descriptions of all Elba and the beaches and the ocean all had me hooked – it made me feel as though I were on holiday myself. I have loved all the TA Williams books I have read and this one was simply up there with the best of them. This author never fails to deliver an outstanding story and once again I was not disappointed.

If you want guaranteed fantastic read, pick up a copy for yourself:


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