Clueless in Croatia – Joy Skye

Imagine my double joy – a new novel by Joy Skye and a return of the sublime Peter Williams of Sublime Retreats – surely guaranteed to make anyone’s holiday a lesson in perfection.

The celebrated Leonard Lupine, certainly sounded in need of a holiday, although my initial introduction to him didn’t paint him in a particularly appealing light – although I think he could be forgiven that, in that it sounded as though he was being plagued by paparazzi.

Things appear in reality not to be as portrayed in the media, as it seems that Leo is deliberately carrying his miserable, grumpy on screen persona into he real life. Ironically this facade seems to have been enough to make him genuinely miserable! In all, the author portrays Leonard and his woes in a very clever manner, such that the reader fairly immediately sympathises with him. In all it seems a fairly sad existence, especially since his divorce, inevitably played out in full to the media and the world’s stage. I felt as though he fully deserved the freebie holiday in Croatia being offered to him, in exchange for a few publicity photos.

Isabella, the concierge of the exclusive villa where Leonard was going to stay with his Sons, also came across as a likeable character, a dedicated single Mother, albeit one devoted to her job too, despite the difficulties sometimes presented by the more trying guest.

The descriptions of Brac were amazing and I found myself longing to be there. I was shocked at the power of the paparazzi in the story, in that their subterfuge is so real for so many undeserving people; this intrusion felt as though it was portrayed very accurately in the book.

The chemistry between Isabella and Leonard was incredibly hot and I found myself desperate for them to overcome the odds and get together. In all, a thoroughly good read, although I was a tiny bit disappointed that Peter Williams had no more than a cameo mention!

To purchase this fantastic book for yourself, just use this link:


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