Welcome to Ferry Lane Market – Nicola May

Well talk about polar opposites; within the first chapter of this book, Jago was grating on me; the way that he spoke to Kara was awful. Nobody deserves to be spoken to the way he spoke to her. I guess this immediately increased my empathy for Kara as a character; indeed I will always champion the ugliest hamster, the scrawniest kitten, the puniest guinea pig, the general underdog – it’s just part of my nature and after so many years, my reputation! It did seem as though Kara’s Father was loving and supportive though, and I was glad of that. I also warmed immediately to Harry Moon – Kara’s archetypal Grandfather, overflowing with a combination sageness and kindness. Kara seemed such a lovely, caring, hardworking character, that I really couldn’t understand what she saw in Jago – and I’m not sure she was convinced! Sometimes a bad relationship almost becomes a habit, and you stick with it, for want of something better. I just hoped with all my heart that Jago would somehow establish his worth and blow my suppositions about him out if the water, such was the way that I cared about Kara’s outcome, from very early on in the book.

The descriptions of Cornwall in this book were wonderful and I almost felt compelled to pack my bags and go down there on holiday post haste! At times the narrative was such that if I closed my eyes I almost felt as though I was there. Being able to immerse myself in a book in this way, goes a long way towards ensuring my enjoyment of the book, and then the addition of some likeable characters with whom I can empathise, practically guarantees it!

Another positive in my mind, was the fact that Kara was an animal lover; she was furious when Jago was mean to her cat. I cannot help but love an animal lover! The fact that Jago has never physically hurt Kara was mentioned in the book, but it was pretty clear fairly early on that he did not worry about the affect of his words and controlling manner, on Kara. This attitude of Jago’s resonated with me, firstly because it was so well written and secondly because it was providing page room and hence awareness of a problem that is all too real for so many women. It is almost as though controlling men feel that their behaviour is ok, because they are not physically striking their partner. Any book that highlights the issues of controlling behaviour and verbal abuse towards partners and women in particular, is a good thing in my mind and full credit to the author for raising these kinds of behaviours and highlighting that it’s just not ok. I can only imagine that this story might provide comfort for a woman suffering in the same way as Kara, providing a kind of reassurance to the sufferer that they are not the only one and that they are not alone.

I always enjoy a bit of romance nudging into the books I read and my eyes fell upon Billy, who works with Kara’s Dad. He came across as a genuinely lovely chap and I had great hopes for him and Kara, despite him being a few years younger than her. He certainly holds a bit of a thing for Kara. Poor Billy really seems to suffer at the sight of the steady procession of men that seem to book into and stay at Kara’s airbnb.

I was slightly alarmed at Kara advertising for a lodger to live in her flat with her. Such was my fondness for Kara, I couldn’t help but worry about her sharing her domain with a complete stranger. I almost need to laugh at myself, becoming so invested in the characters of a book; I can’t help myself. They were portrayed in such a way, that I couldn’t help but care about their futures very early on in the book. Once again, full plaudits to the author.

I like an element of mystery in the books I read, and there were questions to be answered in this book. Why does Kara take a random day off work? Why did Kara’s Mother leave? Why does Kara put up with the way Jago treats her? Who is the trip to New York from? These questions, and others that pop up, will be answered as you read this charming novel for yourself and if you are like me, you will find yourself wanting more; a sequel perhaps?

Kara’s trip away was a book highlight for me. Who secretly wouldn’t jump at the chance to be treated a little like Julia Robert’s in ‘Pretty Woman’. The portrayal of the trip was equally exhilarating yet mysterious! Who on earth had arranged all of this and lavished Kara with the secret treats! It was a veritable treasure hunt of surprises and delights., all somehow linked to Kara’s Airbnb guests. What not to be beguiled by! What a thrilling enigma for any reader; myself I revelled in the imagination and the thrill and romance of it all and I just couldn’t wait to find out who was behind all of this!

I enjoyed the humour in the book, verging on farce, an example being when James Bond ran off with Sid Vicious in his mouth, and returns the next day, when Jago has come to collect said turtle, with a shell in his mouth! Now I am an animal lover and I would never condone animal cruelty, but this situation was so farcical, it was hilarious! 10/10 for the author for having the imagination to come up with such a preposterous snippet.

Despite Kara’s frequent mistranslation of ‘wherefore’ from Shakespeare’s Juliet’s quote, I loved her for who she was and wanted nothing but good things for her. She was a constant delight and brought life to this wonderful read. I simply cannot wait to read the second tome in this series (although I guess I’ll have to!). Hopefully it won’t be too long a wait!

To buy this book for yourself: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Welcome-Ferry-Lane-Market-bestselling/dp/1529346444/


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